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Crisp Minnesota air stung Daniel's 69-year-old cheeks. Conquering this trail on his Catrike used to be easy, but now, stiff gears and aching knees held him back. He longed for the wind in his hair and laughter shared with his wife, Sarah, during their past adventures.

Six months of research led him to Falco, an e-bike system promising effortless rides and a chance to reclaim his adventurous spirit. Could it be his second wind?

Doubt gave way to certainty. Falco wasn't just an e-bike system; it was a leap of faith. The day it arrived, apprehension melted into pure joy.

Their first ride was magical. No struggle, just effortless gliding, their conversation flowing like the silent motor. Years seemed to melt away as they conquered hills with ease.

With the wind whispering and Sarah's hand in his, Daniel knew this wasn't just about finding the perfect e-bike. It was about rediscovering himself, his love, and the boundless adventures that lay ahead.

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​Adding Electric Assist to your recumbent or tadpole trike or tandem is a remarkably simple and painless process. This article discusses the process.
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