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James Giles Riding a Trike with Falco eDrive System

In November 2020, I suffered an incomplete spinal cord compression injury because of an epidural abscess. I was left partially paralyzed and can walk only short distances and only with an assistive device.

 James Giles Riding a Trike with Falco eDrive System

Before my injury, my wife and I, together with our friends, regularly biked our beloved Kokosing Gap Trail.  I thought I would never bike again. But while in inpatient rehab at the Shirley Ryan Ability Lab in Chicago, I was able to try out a recumbent bike which I rode around the hallways. I could pedal it, but I couldn’t go very fast and only in the lowest gear.  So at that point, I decided that when I got home I would look for a trike with an electric assist.

 James Giles Riding a Trike with Falco eDrive System

In search of a trike with an eDrive system, I went to Peddlers Trikes in Heath, Ohio. They had a trike for sale with a Falco eDrive system installed.  I bought it. I then reached out to Falco and explained my situation. They were very helpful and after downloading their app they walked me through their suggested changes in the settings to optimize the performance for someone with my disability.  I now can not only ride again, but I can do more than keep up!  And handle the hill back home from the path!

 James Giles Riding a Trike with Falco eDrive System

Pedaling the trike is not only good cardiovascular exercise, but also it is an excellent therapy for my legs which is recommended by my physical therapist.  Like others with an SCI, I suffer from spasticity in my legs.  Pedaling the trike loosens my leg muscles and reduces the spasms.  Being able to trike is also great for my mental health.  It gets me outside doing a normal activity that I love!!



I’ve been an avid cyclist all my adult life. I love every aspect of the sport; conditioning, mental and physical health, camaraderie, competition, and adventure.

 This is a short story by Don Auriemma using Falco eDrive System

As I approached my mid-seventies, a neuropathic condition began to degrade my balance capabilities. Fearing that I might injure myself and/or others I considered giving up my sport. My friends quickly convinced me to explore the purchase of a trike that would enable me to continue my cycling activities. I purchased a fantastic Catrike 529 about five years ago. It was great fun, but after a couple of years, I was having some difficulty keeping up with my friends on hills because of the weight and geometry of a trike.

 This is a short story by Don Auriemma using Falco eDrive System

That’s when I discovered the Falco eMotors ebike system. I retrofitted my Catrike with a Falco eMotor e-bike system, which consists of a hub motor, battery, console, +/- controller, wireless module, and throttle.


I could not be happier. My etrike allows me to extend my cycling enjoyment far into the future. I have total control over the power assist spectrum. I start most rides at zero, using only pedal power. As needed on hills, or if I get caught at a traffic light and need to close the gap to my friends, I can select the ideal power assist level needed with the touch of a button. At power level five, I can reach speeds of nearly 30mph on flats.


Riding my trike with a Falco eMotor’s ebike system is fun riding very similar to a traditional upright bicycle. Four members of my club have already “gone electric”, so I am rarely the only motorized member on a ride. My range is at least 100 miles, and the console provides me with my speed, odometer, assist level, and battery level.


The people at Falco are always ready, willing, and able to provide advice and technical support when needed, but that is quite rare.


See you on the road!

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