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Your Mobility is Our Passion Campaign


Click here to apply for a free eBike System. Read the campaign rules here.


Falco has launched a campaign to help folks like Dr. Doreen Scott (Read Dr. Scott's Story here). Falco is giving away one system free every month to customers who cannot afford to pay and have a disability.  Click here to apply. Read the campaign rules here. Read below for more details.



The campaign's main goals are to disrupt the disability, empower the individual and enable the pedal-powered mobility. An electric assist can successfully disrupt the feeling of disability. That is critical to start the process of empower the individual and eventually enabling the pedal-powered mobility. 


First success of the campaign came from Dr. Doreen Scott. After she got her system, she wrote,

“Hi, Rakesh - you’ve been incredibly kind to me. I cannot thank you enough. I am very grateful and thankful that you have given me this awesome gift...and truly an amazing gift with this upgrade. I feel blessed. I went for an incredible ride yesterday on my bike. Went 13 miles!!! Motor ran like a charm. Quiet and powerful, giving me a boost when I needed it and allowed me a great workout going longer on the trail. I will also be giving a post on Facebook in my TerraTrike group endorsing your outstanding customer service and help in this sensitive matter.” 

Then Doreen wrote on Facebook;
“As someone with a disability who depends on riding an E-Assist recumbent bike as an important part of my Physical Therapy and recovery, I can’t say enough about the Falco Motor Company and its owner Rakesh! Their responsiveness when I encountered a problem with my motor was incredible. Rakesh was extremely sensitive to my current health issues and worked diligently with me to resolve my Falco motor issue and then replaced my motor and parts immediately to ensure I was able to ride as quickly as possible. Falco is a company with a heart that cares about their customers! Thank you, Rakesh, for the outstanding service and getting me back out there on my bike, enjoying my freedom again!”

Falco's team helped disrupt Dr. Scott's disability and empowered and enabled her to keep riding. 


 Dr. Doreen Scott with her Falco eBike System

In order to qualify for a free system, the following conditions should be met. Detailed campaign rules can be found here.



Must have a Bike or Trike

  • Trikes

HP Velotechnic;
Terra Trike;

  • Cargo Bikes;
  • Recumbent Bikes;
  • Tandem Bikes;
  • Etc.

Must Have a Disability

  • A disability which forces you to use pedal assist.

Must Have a Financial Need

  • a short letter,
  • usually about two or three paragraphs,
  • that explains why you would benefit from being awarded a pedal assist system.


 Systems Give Away