FAQs – Falco eMotors Inc.


  • What is Falco eDRIVE?[Product Info]

    Falco eDrive consists of Four main components:

    •  An electric wheel: It is an entirely built electric wheel with rim, spokes, tube, tire and disc brake, with an inbuilt controller, torque and speed sensor, ready to drop into your frame.

    •  A Lithium battery: Choice of 400Wh, 500Wh or 672Wh Batteries.  Lithium battery with the top of the line Panasonic/Sanyo/LG cells. Ready to mount to your favorite bike, trike or tandem. It includes a charger.

    •  A Console: A wired LCD Console or All in One Wired Plus Minus.

    • A Thumb Throttle: Ready to move your bike, trike or tandem without the need for pedaling. 

    The eDrive delivers a huge range and can achieve speeds of up to 28 mph. With its lightweight lithium batteries mounted to the frame, a rider experiences unprecedented power in the ride.

    • What is the difference between throttle vs. pedal assist control?[General]

    All electric bikes in Europe are pedal assist or pedelecs. In the US and North America, bikes are available for both the functions. Pedal-assist comes in many different flavors. Europeans have continued to refine their experience of the eBike. Crank sensor based pedal-assist is almost obsolete, and Europeans frown upon throttles. Torque sensor based pedal-assist is desirable. In the US and Canada, many customers prefer throttle combined with pedal-assist. Serious cyclists or purists desire torque sensor based pedal-assist.

    To get started with throttle eBikes, just twist the throttle to accelerate and hold it to maintain speed. Once you start pedaling, in a pedelec, a crank or torque sensor picks up your movement and indicates to the motor to deliver power while you ride. Once you use the brakes or quit pedaling, it deactivates the motor, and you need to pedal again to reactivate the motor.

    Throttles and crank sensor pedelecs consume a lot of energy as they deliver raw power without adding the human power intelligently. Only torque sensor activated pedelcs have the ability to integrate human power smartly and help in increasing the battery range.

    • How fast do electric bikes go?[General]

      Electric bikes are not supposed to go faster than 28 mph (45 kph) anywhere in the world. In Europe, electric bikes with the speed of 28 mph (45 kph) are required to have extra insurance and certification. Same is the case with the recent legislation passed in California. Most states in the US recognize electric bikes as regular bikes as long as they do not exceed the power and speed limit of 750W and 20 mph respectively. In Europe, electric bikes are recognized as regular bikes as long as they do not exceed output power of 250W and speed of 15 mph.

      • How far can I go on a single charge?[Range]

        100 mile range for Falco eDrive with a 36V, 400Wh battery is based on 8 to 10 mph of leisure ride with level 1 assist. Further, road tires with 110 psi  rating are used with 140 lb. rider on the bike. Weather and road conditions are considered normal with flat well paved roads and calm winds. Under similar conditions, level 3 assist will provide a range of about 70 miles.

        The range is an important question for most eBike riders. Range depends on the following factors:

        • Mode of Operation (Throttle vs. Crank Sensor vs. Torque Sensor);

        • Your effort;

        • Bike speed;

        • Battery capacity;

        • Rider weight;

        • Type of wheel;

        • Type of tire;

        • Amount of air in the tire;

        • Road conditions;

        • Riding conditions;


        To achieve maximum possible range, one can assume a few things - smart torque sensor behavior, reasonable user effort, generous battery capacity, rider weight of about 140 to 180 lbs., bigger wheel size (for example 700c), road tires (minimum threads), 110 psi air in the tires, perfect road conditions and riding conditions with no wind.

        Such circumstances lead to a relatively high range. As conditions become non-ideal, the range begins to decrease and can reduce by as much as a factor of 4. For example, when using throttle or crank sensor operation, a drastic reduction in range can be expected.

        Bike speed has a somewhat recovery effect on the range of the eBike as well. As the bike speed increases by a factor of 2, the energy consumption goes up by a factor of 4.

        The issue of range is quite complex especially when it comes to eBikes. So personal calibration becomes somewhat important

        • How long does it take to charge the battery?[Batteries]

          Falco eDrive uses Li-Ion battery. 75% of the battery can be charged in 4 hours, and the remaining 25% requires another 4 hours. Fast chargers are available, but they normally have a long term effect on the aging of the cells. Unlike electric cars, where space is available to inject a huge amount of current and cool the cells at the same time, eBike batteries are slower to charge due to the space limitation.

          • What types of batteries are available?[Batteries]

            Falco eDrive uses Li-Ion batteries only. We do not recommend the use of Lead acid or NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) batteries with your Falco eDrive. Use of non-qualified Falco battery voids the warranty. Falco has 400Wh, 36V, 11.6Ah and 672Wh, 48V, 14Ah batteries available.

            • How long will the battery last?[Batteries]

              Falco Li batteries use Panasonic cells which are rated for 500 cycles of operation or 15,000 miles of riding.

              • Will an e-bike recharge while pedaling?[Functionality]

                Falco eDrive can recharge your battery while going downhill or slowing down or braking. However, batteries can be charged through self-power while using the smart power trainer mode indoors.

                • Are electric bikes safe to operate?[General]

                  Falco eDrive components are designed to be extremely reliable and have proven so in the rigorous field testing. Falco eDrive is extremely safe to operate. The motor has built-in 16 sensors which continuously monitor the operation of the motor. The battery has numerous safety sensors including voltage, temperature, over-current, etc. So it is quite impossible to have a risky operation with Falco eDrive.

                  • Can I ride my electric bicycle in the rain?[Operation]

                    Yes, You can ride Falco eDrive in the rain. However, it cannot be submerged in water and cannot sustain torrential rain. Drizzles and light rain are acceptable conditions for the operation of the Falco eDrive.

                    • Do I need a license or insurance?[General]

                      The CPSC guidelines (16CFR Part 1512) state that any e-bike with pedals, limited to 20mph and with 750w of power (or less) should be classified as a bicycle. But this guidance only applies to serve as a loose directive. Each of the states is responsible for the laws governing the use and operation of electric bikes. In the US, laws vary from state to state, and some of them are quite bizarre and inappropriate and are tough to enforce.

                      • Is the installation relatively straightforward?[Installation]

                        One can install Falco eDrive in less than 30 minutes. Falco eDrive installation is easier than assembling IKEA furniture.

                        • Are we offering just the components or fully spoked wheels or complete bike?[Product Info]

                          Falco eDrive has four components - Wheel, Battery, Console and Thumb Throttle. The wheel sizes range from 16" to 700C. Falco eCiti is offered as a complete eBike with a trainer.

                          • Can you elaborate on how the "Regenerative Braking" or "Regeneration" works?[Operation]

                            Falco eDrive has an inbuilt regeneration. Reverse pedaling will activate the recovery. When regeneration is activated, all of the kinetic energy is converted into electric energy and sent back to the battery.

                            • What kind of frame is most suitable for Falco eDrive?[Installation]

                              Falco eDrive is compatible with most frames having a drop-out spacing of 135mm or higher. Some of the frames which are not compatible are those with thru axle or having a drop-out of less than 135mm.

                              • How many gears can be accommodated on the eDrive?[Product Info]

                                Falco eDrive can accommodate up to 11-speeds. 1-speed, 7, 8 or 9 or 10-speeds are not an issue

                                • Can the system work without the smart phone?[Product Info]

                                  Falco eDrive can function without a smartphone. Just turn on and go. The built-in torque sensor is extremely sensitive the way you pedal and adjusts assistance accordingly. So you can quickly activate the different assist levels by changing your gear position.

                                  • How will this change the future of personal transportation?[Operation]

                                    We believe in e-Cycling. e-Cycling can change our world for the better. We can solve issues of commuting, fitness and reducing our carbon footprint through Falco eDrive. We can make a significant difference in our lives. The concept of high-efficiency high-speed commuting is unique in being able to address the needs of personal transportation head on. We can engage in personal commuting without any limitations.

                                    • What is the off-road capability?[Operation]

                                      Falco eDrive can propel you to speeds of 28 mph. An earlier version of this, 28 mph speed was classified as off-road capability. However, now in certain parts of the world including US, 28 mph is accepted as a road legal speed limit, this is a good way to have high efficiency and fast commuting. We no longer refer to 28 mph as off-road capability.  

                                      • How does the Falco eDrive work?[Operation]

                                        Falco eDrive is the World’s First Indoor/Outdoor eDrive. It works outdoor as a pedal assist speed pedelec and indoors as a smart power trainer. Indoors, you have access to same apps as being used by the most serious cyclists.

                                        • How did you develop it?[Product Info]

                                          It was developed with cycling and seamless fluidity in mind. Direct drives are simpler to integrate in a bicycle. With Zero resistance to pedaling, and high efficiency operation, Falco eDrive is a perfect fit for any bike, trike or tandem. 

                                          • There are so many bikes out there what makes your different?[Product Info]

                                            Falco eDrive and eCiti represent great cycling experiences. They provide assist without you feeling the push. It is seamless. Unless you have experienced it, you can't know. 

                                            • Will Self-power recharge the battery?[Operation]

                                              Yes, during regeneration or indoor training, the battery can be recharged using self-power.

                                              • Is Shifting in the eCiti manual or automatic?[Operation]

                                                Shifting in the eCiti is manual.

                                                • What is the total weight of the eCiti?[Product Info]

                                                  The total weight of the eCiti is around 35 lbs.

                                                  • I see that the Top speed is optional. Why wouldn't I just buy the 28 mph and go slower if I wished? Why would I buy a 15 mph if 28 mph was available? [Product Info]

                                                    In Europe, going above 15 mph is considered illegal. In USA and Canada,  in some locations going over 20 mph is considered illegal. 28 mph may require a license in some locations.

                                                    • What is the technology behind Falco eDRIVE?[Product Info]

                                                      Pure passion for cycling drives Falco eDrive technology. The main components of Falco eDrive technology are:

                                                      1. Patented five-phase motor technology;
                                                      2. Zero free-wheeling resistance;
                                                      3. 40% more power delivery than a three-phase motor;
                                                      4. High-efficiency bicycle commuting;
                                                      5. High-efficiency regeneration.
                                                      6. Wireless Operation
                                                      7. Cables are messy;
                                                      8. Cables are unreliable;
                                                      9. ANT+ Technology Integration
                                                      10. ANT+ offers a remarkable eco-system to enhance our cycling experience;
                                                      • Why do you have a five year warranty when others have only 2 or less?[Product Info]

                                                        A sound investment should last for a long time. Utmost reliability and performance dictate Falco's direct drive technology. We want our customers to experience not only the ultimate performance and reliability but also the comfort of owning a world class eDrive

                                                        • How does the smartphone app works?[Operation]

                                                          For the smartphone app to work, one needs to use a wireless module. Falco eDrive comes with an optional ANT+ / BLE communication protocol. The user can communicate with Falco eDrive through smartphone app either through ANT+ or BLE. To start communication between Falco eDrive and Falco smartphone app, click on the start button in the app; it will show an indication of wireless communication between the two. Falco smartphone app has many functionalities to

                                                          • display: Speed, workout time, distance in Kph /Mph.
                                                          • Control- Change in power level, Emergency Stop, switch Falco eDrive from Indoor to Outdoor.

                                                          To operate smartphone app with Falco eDrive, refer the user manual of Falco flash app.

                                                          • How do you use third party apps such as Zwift, TrainerRoad, etc.?[Product Info]

                                                            To use Falco eDrive with any third party app, one needs to get an ANT stick if he/she is using their system or does not have inbuilt ANT. After getting the third party app, the user may need to get registered on few of the apps and then do a search using ANT to get paired with the Falco eDrive having a wireless module. 

                                                            • I am 6’ 8” and I weigh 255 lbs. Can I achieve 28 mph Speed?[Operation]

                                                              Yes. You can achieve 28 mph speeds with Falco eDrive. There are two sources of power acting at the same time to achieve the top speed. Motor power and human power. Motor will deliver a maximum of 750W of power all the way upto 28 mph. Any deficiency in achieving the remaining speed should be overcome by human power. However, 750W is a significant amount of power.

                                                              • What is the maximum power/watts provided by the motor?[Product Info]

                                                                Motor will provide a maximum level of 750W of assist.

                                                                • I can generate 150 to 400W of my own power. If I am climbing, can the motor assist a lot?[Operation]

                                                                  Yes, 750W of power is quite substantial and can help you quite a bit.

                                                                  • While descending hills, will motor hold you back? [Operation]

                                                                    Falco eDrive can hold you back at certain speeds while descending hills even if the eDrive is not active. That speed depends upon the amount of energy in the wheel and whether that energy is enough to generate current back to the battery. If the battery voltage is exceeded during a descent, the regeneration is shut-off. 

                                                                    • Is Falco eDrive compatible with rim brakes? How do you use regenerative brakes? [Product Info]

                                                                      Falco eDrive rims are compatible with both rim as well as disc brakes. Back pedaling the chain will activate the regenerative brakes.

                                                                      • Will the motor coast freely when not activated?[Operation]

                                                                        Yes, Motor is based on 5-phase technology with zero resistance and hence, it has zero free-wheeling resistance.

                                                                        • Can Falco eDrive be used on Fat bikes?[Product Info]

                                                                          Yes, Falco eDrive can be used with different rims including fat bike rims without any problems. Just specify others while selecting your wheel size.

                                                                          • Can we use a spare battery during the ride?[Product Info]

                                                                            Yes, Spare battery weighs about 5.5 lbs and can be stored in a back pack while riding.