Falco’s Unique 5-Phase eBike Drive Technology further improved in 2017 – Falco eMotors Inc.

Falco’s Unique 5-Phase eBike Drive Technology further improved in 2017, 2018 and 2021 Models

Falco’s Unique 5-Phase eBike Drive Technology further improved in 2017, 2018 and 2021 Models

Five Year Warranty:

Did you know that apart from the greatest technology in the eBike Systems, Falco also offers the greatest 5-year warranty in the industry?

Five Phase Technology:

Falco’s proprietary and patented 5-phase direct drive motor technology provides seamless pedaling activation of the embeded torque sensor, lower weight and noise, huge range, high power, efficiency and torque . This technology has employed ingenious motor architecture and control methods for direct drive eBike systems to reduce the overall  free-wheeling resistance by 50%, improve its efficiency, power and torque by 15%, 25% and 25% respectively under normal operating conditions. The major innovations are achieved in the areas of torque and power density, power delivery and torque sensor operation.

Apart from big fun to ride, eBikes provide the greatest potential of being able to reduce SOx and NOx (Sulphur and Nitrogen Dioxide) emissions because of very low consumption of energy in transporting a person and their ability to eliminate the use of gas-powered vehicles from our communities. 

ANT+ Based Systems:

Falco revolutionized electric bike technology with the introduction of the ANT+ based 5-phase wireless eBike systems in 2011. Falco's e-bike technologies are known for exceptional reliability, jaw-dropping speeds, and incredible fluidity in transforming your bike.

One Goal and One Goal Only:

Falco’s eBike systems have one goal in mind – Immense Benefits with Utter Simplicity of Use and Operation with Utmost Reliability. Falco’s eBike systems have features such as precise power and torque control; PC diagnostic interface; detachable, sleek, pocket-sized command console; battery regeneration; and wired as well as wireless communication.

Hx motor technology offers high torque and power density. Falco’s systems are fully customizable, enabling everyone to incorporate them into bicycles or trikes or tandems easily and quickly.

Improvements in 2017, 2018 and 2021 Models:

There are significant improvements in the 2017, 2018 and 2021 models. New Motors have cassettes instead of freewheels. Torque sensor has also been redesigned to operate seamlessly with the cassettes. Cassettes are compatible with 11-speed sprockets. Motor design is significantly optimised for high-speed operation. Several significant improvements have also been carried out in the ANT+ compatible wireless console with the addition of Wired capability. eBike Lab software has been developed for PC, Mac and Android versions. iPhone version should be available in June

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