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Falco announces 2018 Models of Hx Electric Assist Hub with Integrated Speed and Torque Sensors

Falco announces 2018 Models of Hx Electric Assist Hub with Integrated Speed and Torque Sensors

Falco announces 2018 Models of Hx Electric Assist Hub with Integrated Speed and Torque Sensors

Falco eMotors announces 2018 Models of Hx Electric Assist Hub with Integrated Speed and Torque Sensors

Revolutionary eAssist eBike technology integrates speed and torque sensors to elevate the riding experience

Dulles, VA  — June 20, 2017— Falco eMotors, the leader in direct drive technology for e-bikes, announces 2018 models of Hx electric assist hub with integrated speed and torque sensors.

2018 models introduce several significant upgrades to the Hx eAssist motor platform. Falco had introduced 2017 models last year with substantial upgrades of freehub and the new torque sensor for freehubs. 2018 models include an integrated speed sensor which adds additional capability to the torque sensor and the ride.

Other upgrades to the line include a wired plus minus(WPM) controls with LEDs. A wired plus-minus (WPM) control can replace the wireless console. The wired plus minus control allows immediate access and change of assist, regen levels, throttle function and brake function quickly and swiftly.

The wireless console has been upgraded to include a 1000 mAh battery up from 500 mAh battery before, and it has now been made water-proof. Additional upgrade to the wireless console is its ability to be used as a wired console. It can be connected via a junction box to draw power from the motor.

Another important upgrade is the wireless module which uses low energy ANT+ communication. Now the module has been updated to be ANT+/BLE compatible allowing for controls through Apple products such as iPhone etc.

The Hx Platform

The Hx platform was introduced originally in 2013 in the US and have continually been upgraded to cater to changing customer demands. The platform has been developed using patented 5-Phase permanent magnet brushless motor technology as compared to conventional motors which are 3-phase. The 5-phase technology allows for Zero free-wheeling resistance and higher power and torque than 3-phase motors. The Hx motor has an integrated controller and 16 built-in sensors (26 in the 2018 models) which control and monitor motor and rider performance. The controller and sensor inside the hub allow for small hub pack with no external wires and much cleaner installation on a bike or trike.

The new Hx eAssist motor platform can be configured with 15/25, 20/32 and 28/45 miles per hour or kilometers per hour speed limits. The max power output is limited to 750W, and the max torque is limited to 45 Nm. The platform is 11-speed cassette compatible and can be used on bikes or trikes with a disc brake. The hub is compatible with 36 or 48V batteries. The hub has also been upgraded with slim waterproof connectors of about 10mm in diameter allowing them to be hidden from sight on a bike or a trike.

The Hx eAssist motor platform will have connectivity through ANT+/BLE and can be controlled via apps available on Android, iPhone, PC or Mac devices.

The thumb and twist throttle remain available to be connected directly to the motor. Many customers in the US prefer throttles as compared to Europe because of the strict regulations in Europe.

Falco’s torque sensor allows for the motor to be activated using the torque information of the rider. Harder the rider pedals, more assist the motor provides. Falco's torque sensor allows for a great ride experience. It delivers power as and when you need it. While riding, it feels more natural and intuitive. There is automatic activation of more power and torque while going uphill. It has seamless integration with bicycle gears as compared to mid-drives which only shred the bike gears. This seamless integration also allows for infinite levels of power and torque control by the rider. The battery range is significantly improved because of an intelligent mingling of rider and motor power.

Falco’s integrated torque sensor has been well received in the industry. However, it has required additional steps to be used correctly. It has often required frame dependent torque sensor calibration.

Bikes have been available in the industry which use a speed sensor for motor activation. Such set-ups require little or no rider input to be activated to different power and torque levels. As soon as one starts pedalling, the motor activates. One gets only finite levels of control over the motor. Faster pedalling or more effort does not result in more power or torque from the motor.

Speed sensor experience can be enjoyable to many who enjoy delivery of raw power resulting in a powerful ride experience. However, it fails to integrate rider power into the ride and a speed sensor often overpowers the rider resulting in a much shorter battery range. A speed-sensor only experience is not so natural or intuitive and takes away from cycling.

When speed sensor is combined with the torque sensor, we can substantially elevate the ride experience to a next level. The combination reduces the need for torque sensor calibration. Frame dependence on the torque sensor operation is reduced. Essentially, in this case, we use speed sensor to turn the torque sensor on and off. Rider's torque is still used to drive the motor. Reverse pedalling activates the regeneration or braking. In the eBike lab (software from Falco), sensor selection can be made to either driven solely by speed sensor or torque sensor or the combination.

The major advantages are that it is best of both worlds. It is a better ride experience. It provides better battery range. There is a better resolution of rider inputs to the drive allowing for much accurate and smooth ride experience.

The New Wireless Module:

The new ANT+/BLE wireless module is also being released. It also serves another purpose. It provides a direct connection to the new wired plus minus controls. The new module has a green LED which lights up when the battery power is turned on. In a case where the trike or bike only has motor and battery, this serves to indicate battery power. Although, it also shows the status of wireless communication.

The New Wired Plus Minus (WPM)

The new wired Plus Minus allows access to all functions immediately on demand. It works as follows:

  • 1.Change Levels
    • a.Assistance
      • i.1-Click on Plus Button = +1;
      • ii.2-Click on Plus Button = +3;
      • iii.3-Click on Plus Button = +5;
    • b.Regeneration
      • i.1-Click on Minus Button = -1;
      • ii.2-Click on Minus Button = -3;
      • iii.3-Click on Minus Button = -5;
    • 2.Throttle Operation
      • a.Hold Plus Button
    • 3.Regenerative Braking
      • a.Hold Minus Button

The five levels of assistance and regeneration have been reduced to three levels for ease of operation and to maintain access to all functions on demand.

The New Wireless Console

The Falco wireless console is the only wireless console in the industry today. The 2018 model has been upgraded to have 1000 mAh batteries, and the console has been sealed against water-proofing. The wired systems are always quite painful to install and require careful management of wires on the frame. On the other hand, cables are always prone to failure and often take away from the looks of the trike or bike. The cleanest look is with a simple pedal assist system which a wheel, battery, wireless module and the wireless console. This set up requires no wires to be run from the handle bar to the rear wheel.

The Wired Console

There is one disadvantage of the wireless console, and that is the replacement of the battery in the console after a few years’ of use. So for those who don’t like replacing the battery, we have modified the wireless console to be used as a wired console as well. An additional connector has been installed on the back of the console to allow for delivery of power from the motor via a junction box. The junction box has a long pig-tail which connects with the motor and three short ones which connect to the console, brake and throttle respectively. The only disadvantage of this configuration is the added expense and hassle of dealing with the junction box.

Falco's Hx platform provides seamless experiences across all devices and empowers people with breakthrough renewal for commuting, joy riding, fitness and conservation of the planet.

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