Three Wheels of Magic by Falco eMotors – Falco eMotors Inc.

Three Wheels of Magic by Falco eMotors

Three Wheels of Magic by Falco eMotors

F1 eTrike - Recumbent eTrike by Falco eMotors

Riding a trike is always fun and joy to ride a Trike. Physical and mental fitness can be easily maintained by simply using trikes in our daily life. It is the best way of exploring nature with comfort along with burning some calories. Recumbent trikes are best known for comfort. It will be difficult to ride trike and bicycle with growing age and other disabilities. Riding trike with some extra energy on hills is also challenging. But still, people want to enjoy the ride and explore nature with comforts. People love to ride trikes and include them in daily life. Keeping all these in mind, Falco eMotors has launched eTrike; F1 eTrike. In this article let us have a quick overview of F1 eTrike.


F1 eTrike is a recumbent trike designed by Falco eMotors equipped with the Falco eMotors’ e5.3 eDrive system. Falco eMotors’ eBike/eDrive systems are well known for the Patented 5 Phase Technology, which makes the system more reliable, powerful, and efficient. In the last two decades, fitness awareness is raising drastically, and people are curious about fitness and health.


Recumbent trikes are very popular for comfort and are the easiest way considered for transportation. People who are not able to ride bicycles due to balancing problems or disabilities can also ride the trike. When it comes to the extra energy and power required to ride a trike, Falco eMotors’ eDrive systems are the most desirable systems to provide energy and power to make the ride easier. The power-on-demand concept of these eDrive systems allows users to get pedal assistance whenever required, and ensure a perfect trouble-free ride. The combination of the recumbent trike and eDrive system makes F1 eTrike more comfortable, powerful, and reliable eTrike.

F1 eTrike has an eDrive system which consists of a 500W hub motor, Li 3 Battery (400Wh Li-ion 36V, 11.6Ah), Wired Plus/Minus (AIO) Controller, Thumb Throttle, and a Wireless Module. This eTrike can give the range of 60miles to 70miles or even more depending on the riding conditions. This powerful eDrive system empowers the ride to have a more powerful experience.

An ergonomically designed seat ensures a comfortable ride. This seat provides complete support to the shoulder, back, and buttock, which allows you to cover long-range without getting tired. The rider can adjust the seat angle from 44 to 52 Degree, which allows better front visibility and relaxable position. Padded wrist rests are provided to support the wrist.

The F1 eTrike can be easily folded to a length of 38.4 inches, this makes the trike more compact and easy to carry. The frame is built with high-quality Aluminum Aircraft Grade, which makes it more sturdy, lightweight, and strong enough to hold a maximum load capacity. The Ackerman Steering with self-centering allows a better controlling and steering experience. To increase the safety of the riders the wheels are equipped with Avid BB7 Disc Brakes.



Check out the F1 eTrike here.

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