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I am Not Ready to Drop Yet

As most of you know, I talk to customers consistently. It has been one of the incredible blessings of my life to get to know the customers well.

Our customers usually are 50+, and they portray a generation that actually made America/Canada the greatest country in the World. The quintessential character is so powerfully American that It gives me a window into the forces which shaped America and Canada.

Here are some of the characteristics of Falco Customers:

  1. They genuinely appreciate Engineering. I found this characteristic actively exhibited in Germany. Germans always enjoyed real Engineering. Although Americans and Canadians come from so many different countries, this is one of the most common traits I have seen among our customers.
  2. They are not afraid to get their hands dirty. Although I believe that our systems are easy to install, these folks are not afraid to get their hands dirty. In fact, they welcome it. They are the engineers, the doctors, the lawyers, the mechanics, and so on and so forth. It is the folks who truly made America great!
  3. They love cycling. Nowadays, there is a lot of talk of electric assist. However, few of the electric bike cyclists understand cycling. Cycling as a Science has evolved to enable humans in a multi-faceted way. Most importantly, it has grown to make cycling an individual sport and a human endeavor. They understand that Falco's technology does not diminish it; in fact, it enhances it and preserves it.
  4. They never give up. Chances are that we may get hit with a disability from time to time. They have this conquering and infinite belief in enjoying life and thwarting disability. A customer recently had a heart attack while riding his bike on a trail. He was found and rescued. In a few months, he is raring to get back on and his words to me, "I am NOT ready to drop as yet." That is the driving force behind Falco's mission.



None of us are ready to drop as of yet. Let us take our gift of life and change the World for the better. We can't do it when we are gone. Cycling is a great workout. 3-5 times a week can significantly improve our quality of life. If you are a serious cyclist and not able to cycle any longer, talk to us. We want to see you back on the road and winning at the game of life. Never ever give up. That is our mission and message to our fellow Americans and Canadians. 

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