Falco eMotors Brand - What does it stand for? – Falco eMotors Inc.

Falco eMotors Brand - What does it stand for?

Falco eMotors Brand - What does it stand for?

Falco started in 2011 with a vision that still stands and burns strong. 

The falcon represents the ultimate freedom to explore the evergreen earth and the eternal blue skies. The Falco technology represents a Falcon with a powerful, ultrafast and featherlight motor. 

Falco technology represents perennial sustainability. An electric bike ride emits 15.8g CO2 per mile as compared to 368g CO2 per mile for a mid-sized passenger car. Electric bikes and light electric vehicles offer us the greatest potential of being able to reduce green house emissions and reduce our dependence on fossil fuel.

However, there are five major problems with the existing technology for electric bikes - poor portability, limited range, pedaling difficulty, low top speed and low hill climbing ability. With Falco e-Motors technology , these factors are diminshed significantly.

Falco e-Motors’ electric bike propulsion technology provides 25% better portability (i.e., lower weight), 10% more range (i.e., more efficiency), 40% reduction in pedaling difficulty (i.e., cogging torque), 30% more top speed (i.e., more power) and higher hill climbing ability (i.e., more torque) than existing eBike technology.

Falco eMotors technology incorporates major technological breakthroughs in motor design, motor inverter architecture, motor control and battery management methods and wireless communication.

Falco eMotors use a novel hybrid winding configuration with reduced copper weight ensuring high power density, torque density and system efficiency resulting in more range. The motor controller is integrated into the interior of the motor to improve efficiency, reduce cost and save space. System control methods use cost effective torque and speed control with minimum battery consumption and smooth acceleration from stand-still.

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