Falco Dealer Highlights: Peddlers Trikes

Peddlers Trikes, located in Heath, Ohio, is one of the few “Recumbent Trike Specialty stores in the USA. Peddlers carry the top names such as ICE (Inspired Cycle Engineering), Trident, TerraTrike, and HP Velotechnik brands of recumbent trikes. Peddlers also feature Falco E-Assist systems. These great systems help our customers go farther than they ever thought possible.

Image 1: The Peddlers Trikes Shop

Image 2: The Stocked Trikes in Peddlers Trike

Image 3: Trike rear wheel equipped with Hx Motor and Li 7 Battery fixed on Rack

Image 4: Trike equipped with Falco eMotor f7.7 pedal-assist system

Peddlers Trikes features an indoor track! This great feature allows our customers to test out our large selection of trikes regardless of the weather! It also allows a fantastic experience of one on one instruction on the differences of e-assist and features and benefits of the Falco E-Assist Systems.

Image 5: The Service and Parts Section in Peddlers Trikes

Image 6: Trikes Accessories

Image 7: Trike repairing tools and accessories section

Image 8: The Indoor Test Track

Peddlers Trikes has deep roots in the bicycle industry... “Our family has been long involved in the bicycle industry,” says Dave Buchanan, owner of Peddlers Trikes... “ I've had 2 uncles in the bike business dating back to 1959. I started out in the business in 1980... after 24 years, we sold our corporation to 2 brothers who went out of business in 2 ½ years. We decided to come back as a recumbent only store. In very short order we went strictly recumbent trikes and haven't looked back!”

Peddlers Trikes installs Falco eBike systems on all types of recumbent tadpole trikes to convert a regular trike to a pedal-assisted trike.

Falco is the manufacturer of the world's first 5 phase direct-drive motor with zero freewheeling resistance, extraordinary performance, and benefits. Falco eBike systems are known to give a hasslefree ride in hilly areas. They come with a unique feature to assist you when you don't want to pedal (power on demand). Falco provides five years of warranty on its direct-drive motors, which is the highest warranty in the industry.

Peddlers believe to get the best system for your needs, both trike, and e-assist, a full education is in order. Peddlers Trikes will do just that. That is why Peddlers and Falco are great partners. We both believe to make the right choice, the customer deserves the facts. To get that kind of information you really need to make the trip to Peddlers Trikes.

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