Comparison of Falco eBike System with eBike Kits from – Falco eMotors Inc.

Comparison of Falco eBike System with eBike Kits from

Comparison of Falco eBike System with eBike Kits from

Short Comparison


The quality, performance, and reliability are the most important factors that the product relies on. When you are investing in some product, you want to be 150% satisfied. What does it mean to buy with amazing quality and reliability? Customer satisfaction is meaningful when the customer is completely satisfied with the quality, performance, reliability, and user experience that is out of this world.

Let's discuss and compare the Falco eBike system with the electric bike kits by



Quality is something everyone prefers when they are buying a product. But most of the time people fail to measure the quality and may not understand quality. Electric bikes are that industry today where consumer preferences are still being formed and consumers are trying to figure out what it means.



Falco eMotors believes that quality can make their product more reliable and outstanding. We never compromise in quality and precision. High-quality materials, precision, and technology together make Falco’s products unbeatable. The quality that we maintain gives you a more reliable product and which can be your life long partner. This is why the Falco eMotors gives the 5 Year warranty on the motors.

When you compare the motors with other brands, usually the warranty period is of 1 year only. This is enough to show how long their product can be used. The motors sold by other brands are very cheap and low quality build. Even those types of motors can be found in Alibaba and most of them are made in china. And they still are depending on 3 phase technology, which is already outdated.




Falco’s eBike Systems have patented 5 phase technology that provides the most efficient operation with high power and torque at all speeds. 5 Phase technology makes these motors 40% more efficient than the motors with 3 phase technology. Nowhere you can find this 5 phase technology except with Falco eMotors. Many other brands are still using 3 phase technology which is already outdated.



Extraordinary Torque and Speed Sensor Technology by Falco eMotors - Inbuilt Torque and Speed sensors give more precise power and efficient control for cycling. For smooth operation of the motor, cleanest possible installation, and best user experience, the torque and speed sensors are embedded inside the motor. This technology utilizes power very precisely and gives the maximum output range.

Falco uses the torque sensors and speed sensors inside the motor, which gives more amazingly accurate control during cycling and avoids wiring complications. These sensors make the system deliver exact power under all terrains for all riders and at all times.

Electric Bike Kits at - Sensors - Electric bike technologies buys these kits off the shelf from Chinese companies and puts its logo on it. You can do the same by buying at These kits are very rudimentary and make a mockery of cycling. If you are simply looking for being on two wheels with no consideration to cycling or what it means, go for it. Many Chinese and other brands require the sensors to equip externally, making the connections more complicated with zero precision or accuracy in delivering power. A proper combination of speed and torque sensor and advanced algorithms are not available in any of these Chinese originated and private branded motors.



The combination of 5 phase technology and Sensors gives absolute control and provides a seamless experience of riding. The Falco eBike system has the most advanced cycling algorithms in the industry that provides precise and accurate power and pedal assistance, neither high nor less. This is what the customers are more concerned about. Especially the people who are fitness enthusiasts and cyclists.



To have a seamless experience with customized settings and full control of the system, wireless connectivity can be very useful. You can control and set the required parameters by your smartphone or PC. Some people prefer more pedal assistance and some less. Some are young and some are old, and everybody prefers different settings and performance. Here the Falco fulfills every need and customized settings for their seamless experience.



The eBike kit by usually gives the mileage of 9 - 42 miles, whereas Falco’s eBike system gives about 60 - 120 miles of range. 



Falco beats all other brands in warranty. Falco is the company which gives 5 years of warranty on motors. This shows how confident the Falco is on its technology. Other brands like give only 1 year of warranty.



“Get what you want, not what we sell”

Falco builds customized wheels for complete customer satisfaction. Falco gives you more options and compatible models to fit with your trike, bike, and tandems. You say we build.



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