Cycling is one of the passions that people are crazy about. It is one of the best exercises that helps you to keep you younger and healthy. It is the best cardio and outdoor activity that allows you to explore the outdoors with full joy and fun. There are numerous advantages of cycling. It gives strength to knees and leg muscles, improves blood circulation, and helps to burn calories. The trikes and tandems have brought lots of flexibility to the cycling experience. Cycling releases happy chemicals like serotonin and dopamine, which gives you the feeling to live life happily. Who doesn't like to be happy in their life? A happy life is something everyone begs for.

Nobody wants to get old, as age starts limiting our capabilities. Age changes everything in life. As age passes people get limited with their energy and disabilities to work. A person depends on physical and mental energy, and cycling improves both. Our mental health and power depend mainly on our thoughts and lifestyle. If you are not serious about life and stop taking care of yourself, you gradually start losing the things that gave the purpose of life. Everything that gave you the purpose of life goes meaningless. So live the moments you have in your life instead of realizing the mistakes and give some time to explore nature. Your life is planned by your powerful brain, not by your body. Your energy is by your mind. So be positive and live your life to the fullest. You have so many goals, dreams, passion, and hobbies you want to do in your life. But not all people can accomplish them. So what's stopping you from doing all these things and living a happy life?

There are so many people who are so passionate about cycling and living their life to the fullest, but their increasing age limits their capabilities. It is proven that age will decrease your physical abilities. But it is also proved that age cannot limit their passion and craze. People have emotions and love towards their passion and activities. The passing age brings a lot of changes in life. Age reduces energy, stamina, and increases the risk of falls and injuries. Also the chances of illness and disabilities increase. There are so many problems that come along the way in life with passing age. But your desire and passion shouldn’t be lost. There are so many people who never stopped themselves from following their passion and hobbies.


Mr. Baldev, more than 82 years old. Covered more than thousand miles in last nine months with his son Mr. Sanjeev and Mr. Rakesh.


By considering these points in mind Falco eMotors came up with the pedal-assist technology, which gives you assistance along your ride and allows you to have a real-time experience of cycling. No matter how steep uphill you are climbing, or how hard it is for you to ride a bicycle or trike or tandem, Falco’s ebike system allows you to pedal with constant pressure and rpm. It allows you to pedal with constant energy by assisting you with the extra energy required to move forward. It senses the pressure you are applying on the pedal and supplies current to the motor accordingly to move forward. That’s crazy. Isn’t it?


Dr. Doreen Scott with her Falco eBike System.

The Falco ebike system allows you to customize your pedal assistance to train yourself with different intensities. No matter if you can’t ride over a hill on your own just switch to pedal-assist mode and pedal as normal as you are riding on flat roads. The combination of torque and speed sensor allows you to put constant pressure on the pedal with constant speed.


Torque Sensor Operation


5 Phase Patented Technology with Sensors for accuracy, efficiency, and power.


Have you equipped your bikes, trikes, and tandems with Falco eMotors’ ebike system? If not, have a look at the system and have it now. Get your Falco system and start cycling and exploring nature.

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