Falco vs. Bosch eBike Systems for Trikes – Falco eMotors Inc.

Falco is a Direct Drive Electric Assist. Bosch is a Mid-Drive Electric Assist. Mid-drives have at least 20 shortcomings when it comes to electric assist. Let us review some of the shortcomings. 

Falco Direct Drive   Bosch Mid Drive
 Loss of Multi-Speed Front Gears  No  YES
 Loss of Throttle Function  No  YES
 Ability to go in Reverse  YES  NO
 Max Power 750W  250/350W
 Max Battery Voltage  48V  36V
 Max Battery Capacity  672Wh  400Wh
Max Range   150 Miles  62 Miles
 Warranty  5 Years  2 Years
 Chain Failures  NO  YES
 Gear Shifting Issues  NO  YES
 Noise  Zero  Present
 Plastic Gears in the Drive  NO  YES
Center of Gravity for Stability LOW  HIGH
Regeneration Possible  YES  NO
 Regenerative Braking  YES  NO
 Controlled Descending of Hills  YES  No
 Retail Cost (36V System) $1895   $2850
 Open System  YES  NO
 Cost of Replacement Battery  LOW  HIGH


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