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Today, Americans are leading a healthier life and staying in shape. A large number of baby boomers use Falco's eBike drive system to lead a very active life and stay fit. Keeping that in mind, Falco's engineering team has continued to integrate more and more functionality and smart controls.

Falco's eBike systems get you outdoors. Whether you are trying to get back on track while gradually building your stamina or staying in shape, Falco has been an ideal solution. With Falco they continue to enjoy riding a bike while benefiting from the drive power.

We have worked closely with baby boomers to develop our latest bike technology. Our goal has been to keep our baby boomers active and on wheels safely while adding a tons of additional benefits with the new introduction. 

Falco Direct Drive Technology

  1. Responsiveness: The technology is built inside the hub of the bicycle wheel. 16 sensors inside the hub monitor human, drive and bike interaction. The wheel provides assistance based on the torque produced by the rider. The high speed processor inside the hub is extremely sensitive to rider actions and processes information at the rate of 20,000 cycles per second;
  2. Safety: While riding, many can be afraid to go downhill fast with just the mechanical brakes. With our Falco Drive, you can control the decent precisely. And when you no longer wish to pedal, you can activate power on demand which delivers power directly to the wheel instantly.
  3. Simplicity of Plug and Play: The drive system can be installed and ready to use in minutes without the use of extensive tools. The tiny multi-functional control unit provides battery level, assistance level and active control of assistance and regeneration on the fly. Use a smart phone to add additional functionality.
  4. Robustness and Reliability: Falco has been built to be extremely reliable and robust. It can take on extreme weather conditions without a glitch. The hub has a 5-year warranty which is the highest in the industry. The Lithium-Ion batteries have 24 month warranty.
  5. Smart Phone Integration: With the Smart Phone, one can add a ton of new functionality:
  • Unlocking of the Off-Road Mode;
  • Assistance and Regeneration Controls
  • Voltage, Current, Battery Capacity Information;
  • Ride Customization.

Here are some quotes from the customers who have used Falco's classic line:

Bob V - " I love my Falco. This is really nice if you are having a hard time keeping up with someone you enjoy riding with."

Tom Z - "At 64 I need something to get me over those brutal hills, let me ride on those hot humid days or pushing a 20mph wind.  Also needing to keep up with my wife, 8 years younger and in excellent shape.  Me I'm a little over weight at 225 lbs just recouping from a archilles operation, being bed-ridden, on crunches and the dreaded big boot. I spending hours (in bed after operation) reading forums about hubs burning out, wires melting, and the constant tinkering some put into their systems.  I wanted one that just worked."

Don J (61 Year Old) - " Today I rode 34.4 miles and took the battery from 41.7 to 38.2 volts, using assist levels 1 through 5 depending on the terrain and wind.  It’s great to have help for hills especially. "

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