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Why Recumbent Trike?

Recumbent Trikes are well-known trikes for comfort and style. These are not just comfortable and stylish, but also stable, ergonomic, and more convenient than other conventional bikes. Having a ride on a conventional bike can make you tired and uncomfortable. On conventional bikes, the weight is concentrated on the small seating area and some weight on the wrists, which may hurt. On recumbent trikes, the weight is distributed on a large area of the back and buttock that provides the support for the neck, shoulder, back, and buttock allowing you to take a long ride with more comfort.

Recumbent type trike by TerraTrike (GranTourismo).

Image 1: Recumbent trike - TerraTrike (GranTourismo).

Recumbent trikes are suitable for everyone including old age people, who are fitness freaks, fun-loving, and sports persons. Usually, the trikes are preferred by many people for their long rides and physical fitness. Recumbent trikes are designed to provide a relaxed body position with the head looking forward rather than down. Pedals are in the front which allows legs to be in the front position of the body which helps to regulate proper blood circulation. These type of trikes allows the body to be in a natural reclined position which helps to reduce body fatigue and eliminate muscle soreness in the upper body. Recumbent trikes are good for people with neurological conditions since it is safe and provides a low impact total body workout. Due to the low impact, recumbent trikes reduce the risk of pain and improves strength. The trikes promote fitness, cardio awareness, and green energy solution to fuel-free ride.

The recumbent trikes are low to the ground due to which they are more stable and no need to worry about falling off and getting hurt. The smaller front area of the trike and the reclined seat position provide aerodynamic advantages. Since the trikes are 3 wheeled vehicles, the balancing is not required. These are the reasons why recumbent trikes are growing faster and becoming popular.


TerraTrike Customers enjoying their ride on the Recumbent type of TerraTrike.

Image 2: TerraTrike Customers Enjoying their Ride on the Recumbent type of TerraTrike.


Riders Riding Recumbent type of TerraTrike.

Image 3: Riders Riding Recumbent type of TerraTrike.

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