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Why Falco

Why Falco

We have been working hard for the past few days to redefine our home page images. Falco is driven by engineering innovation and world class quality. It has been hard work to translate that into sales and marketing pitch. As you may have noticed Falco does not advertise. Most of the reviews on the web are done independently by the passionate riders and when they enjoy the technology and appreciate the ultimate benefits of our 5-phase drive systems, those are rewards enough and testimony that our hardwork is paying off.

Finally, we have the following "top" benefits to entice you to use Falco:

  1. Industry's 1st 5-Year Warranty;
  2. World's 1st 5-Phase Technology;
  3. Integrated Tru Torq and Power Sensors;
  4. An Open System;
  5. Ultrafast Drive System (as proven in London Keirin 2014);
  6. Most Advanced, Reliable and Innovative System (As evidenced the use in Alaska, Keirin races and other harsh environments);
  7. Zero Resistance Pedaling;

Of course there are several other benefits:

  1. Fewer Wires and Components;
  2. Easy Installation;
  3. World's 1st Wireless Console;
  4. Integrated ANT+ Heart rate sensor;
  5. 3 in 1 Command Console;
  6. Most advanced, reliable and Lithium Ion battery packs;
  7. Low cost battery replacement;
  8. High torque and power density;
  9. High efficiency;
  10. Precise power;
  11. Highly compact design;
  12. Customizable and removable disc brake and free wheel adapters;

What are the top reasons customers' buy a Falco system?

  1. Extraordinary Smoothness and Performance;
  2. Ultra-fast - Off-Road Speed Capability;
  3. 5-Year Warranty;
  4. Open System;
  5. Simplicity of Installation

We will discuss more in detail other items such as why an Open system is important. What is off-road speed capability etc in the upcoming blog posts.

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