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What's Holding You Back?

What's Holding You Back?

In the heart of Washington state, John Wasternack’s story unfolds—a testament to the unyielding human spirit. At age 70, John stands as an embodiment of perseverance, having navigated the tumultuous waves of a rare brain cancer diagnosis in 2021. The surgeries that saved his life left him with a shaken balance, and his beloved bicycle, once a symbol of freedom, became a relic of a life once lived.

Unchained Spirit: John Wasternack's Ride Beyond Limits

This diagnosis was not just a battle for health but an upheaval of life as he knew it. The subsequent surgeries, though necessary, took a toll on him, particularly affecting his balance. The ramifications of this were deeply personal. For John, biking wasn't just a pastime; it was a lifeline to the world, a means of freedom, a way to connect with the nature of his beloved Washington. The realization that he could no longer ride his bike struck a devastating blow, severing him from a core part of his identity.

Yet, within this crucible of despair, a spark of resilience flickered. After his treatments ended, when many would have succumbed to their limitations, John's indomitable spirit led him to discover the Catrike Expedition. This discovery was not merely about finding a new mode of cycling; it was about reclaiming his life. The Catrike, equipped with a Falco e5.3 Electric Assist, was a beacon of hope. It was his defiance against the constraints of his condition, a statement that while his journey may have changed, it was far from over.

John Wasternack

John, defined not by his circumstances but by his resolve, asked himself, "What's holding me back?" The answer was clear: nothing. Discovery of the Catrike Expedition was his turning point. It was more than an adaptation; it was an innovation that mirrored his indomitable spirit. With the addition of the Falco e5.3 Electric Assist, the Catrike wasn't just a trike; it was a statement of defiance, a reclaiming of the freedom that cancer threatened to steal.

The transition from two wheels to three symbolized much more than a shift in balance—it was a transformation of his entire world. John's Catrike became his chariot of freedom, allowing him to embark on long rides once again, exploring the beauty of Washington with a renewed sense of vigor and purpose. The fear of falling, which had once loomed over him like a dark cloud, dissipated. In its place was the exhilaration of movement, the wind against his face, and the boundless horizons that lay ahead.

Never Too Old for Adventure

Recently, John upgraded to a Falco f7.9 Electric Assist, opening the door to 100+ mile adventures. This upgrade was not just about enhancing his rides; it was a testament to his journey of overcoming obstacles, of pushing beyond perceived limits, and of continuously seeking greater heights of personal freedom and fulfillment.

John's journey on three wheels became a powerful narrative of liberation. Each pedal on his Catrike, now upgraded to the Falco f7.9 Electric Assist, was a ride into the expanse of possibility. 100+ mile adventures weren't just numbers; they were chapters of an ongoing story of a man who refused to be held back by fear, balance, or age. John Wasternack’s tale, with its new title, invites us all to question our own barriers. In the reflection of his life, we find a mirror to our potential. His story is not just one of overcoming but also of transformation—a call to all to break free from what holds us back and to ride into the horizon of our own adventures.

John Wasternack's story is a powerful narrative of courage, adaptation, and the relentless pursuit of happiness. It's a reminder that even in the face of life's most daunting challenges, there lies the potential for renewal and adventure. Thanks to his resilience and the innovative solution provided by Falco, John rides not just on three wheels, but on the wings of freedom, inspiring all who hear his story to never give up, no matter the odds.

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