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Sprint X Ice Trike with Falco Electric Assist

Sprint X Ice Trike with Falco Electric Assist

At 78, the North Carolina sun wasn't the only thing warming Susan's back – it was the dull ache, a familiar companion from years spent conquering mountains on two wheels. Once strong enough to hoist her up sheer rock faces, her shoulders throbbed with a dull protest. Balance, once a given, felt precarious on her upright bike. The rides she craved, the wind in her hair, and the feeling of pushing her limits were now followed by recuperation periods that stretched longer than the rides themselves.


It wasn't always this way. Susan wasn't just a retired veteran; she was a woman who'd chased adventure on every continent. In her youth, she'd scaled treacherous cliffs with a mountain goat's grace and a determined pioneer's grit. Her trusty bike had been her loyal steed, carrying her across sun-drenched plains and treacherous mountain passes. The world had been her playground, and she'd explored it with an insatiable curiosity and a fearless spirit.


Volunteering with the VA to help visually impaired vets reignited a passion for cycling that had dimmed with age and pain. But the upright bikes the program offered constantly reminded her of what she'd lost. Then, a beacon of hope! The VA Adaptive Sports Program, with incredible support from Falco, offered a lifeline back to the open road.


Susan devoured Falco's YouTube channel with the tenacity that had seen her through countless challenges. Nights that once ached with the phantom pain of climbs yet to be conquered were filled with the excitement of possibility. Finally, she landed on the perfect trike: a dream machine with the heart of Falco direct drive, a technology as innovative as Susan's spirit.


The VA program delivered her ICE Sprint X with Falco Direct Drive a month ago, and let me tell you, it's been pure magic. Two hundred miles have already whizzed by, and a thousand by year's end feels like a promise Susan intends to keep. This trike is a fortress on wheels, built with a veteran's care. It cradles her perfectly at 5'6", and with some help, the adjustable boom fits snugly into her BMW X5.


But the natural beauty lies in the ride. The magic of Falco direct drive creates an endless gear ratio, making every hill a gentle slope and every pedal stroke a joy. The VA motto, "Fitness for Life," resonates deeply with Susan. This trike is her partner in defying Time, keeping her active and robust for the adventures ahead.


The reclined position is a game-changer. Less stress, less pain, all while soaking in the sunshine and the freedom of the open road. This is more than a trike; and it's a testament to the incredible support of the VA and the innovative spirit of Falco. To anyone considering a recumbent trike, Susan says this: with a Falco direct drive at its heart, the ICE Sprint X is pure bliss on three wheels. It's a chance to reclaim a piece of yourself, rewrite the aging narrative, and prove that the fire within can still burn brightly, even on three wheels.

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