Pedal Assisted System

All around the world people ride bikes and trikes for different purposes. Bikes and trikes are used for exercise, traveling, and delivery of goods, food and many other things. Not only for personal use but also for commercial use. There are many reasons why people use bikes and trikes. These are also the source of income for some people. But disabilities are pulling them back and stopping them from earning money. There are people around the world who have their food if they work; poverty. Many homes are depending on one source of income; depending on a single person for the income. And in these people some are disabled and some are not able to pedal the bikes or trikes. Pedal-assist systems can be very useful to help these kinds of people so that they can work and continue to earn money.

Not only people with disabilities but also those who are fitness freaks and athletes. Pedal-assist system helps riders to perform intense and effective workout along with their rides and traveling necessaries. People can go for their regular work by switching to regenerative mode (Which is only available in FalcoeMotors’ eBike system). They can change the level of assistance or level of intensity they need to pedal by changing the power level.


Pedal Assist System for Athletes and Fitness Freaks

Fitness Awareness is rising day by day! People are more concerned about their health and fitness. Most of the fitness freaks and athletes prefer cycling to stay fit by losing body fat and increasing their strength. Cycling is very beneficial to exercise in all ways.

But sometimes managing time is a bit difficult. So, what if people can perform cycling during their daily traveling activities, such as going to the office, providing the delivery and other services, etc. But there you may face problems with sweating and feeling tired! So here the pedal-assist comes in use. You can use the pedal-assist system whenever you want and switch to throttle mode when you are tired. This way you can avoid awkward situations of sweating and feeling tired while on work.

FalcoeMotors’ eBike system can also be used at home to burn your calories and also FalcoeMotors has an option to connect your system with virtual game simulation software where you can enjoy cycling.

FalcoeMotors’ eBike system is the first eBike system in the world with both assist mode and regenerative mode. In assist mode, you can get assistance for pedaling and in the regenerative mode, you can store energy in the battery by cycling. It senses the torque applied on the pedals and accordingly pushes the current. This technology makes it more efficient and helps to go on long-distance rides.

Pedal Assist System for Differently Abled

People who are not able to ride or who are disabled by legs are abled by some other skills. Being disabled by legs can’t stop you from riding a bike or trike by using FalcoeMotors’ eBike system. Many people who are not able to ride can perform their duties, responsibilities and their daily work which needs traveling can be done easily by equipping bikes and trikes with an eBike system. If you love your work then don’t stop and go for the eBike system and get back to work.


Pedal Assist System for Riders

Long-distance Rides are more beautiful, adventurous and memorable. People enjoy their rides with their loved ones and these memories last forever. Riding on hilly areas, riding to the far beautiful places; long rides are really special. But riding for long distances and in hilly areas can make you tired and sweaty. There is a solution to this! You can equip your bikes and trikes with an eBike system to assist you in long rides and steep uphill rides.

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