Li 9 Battery - eBike Battery (Complete Details and Guide with FAQ’s) – Falco eMotors Inc.

Li 9 Battery - eBike Battery (Complete Details and Guide with FAQ’s)

Li 9 Battery - eBike Battery (Complete Details and Guide with FAQ’s)

Li 9 Battery - eBike Battery (Complete Details and Guide with FAQ’s)

Figure 1: Li 9 Battery (48V, 672 Wh, 14Ah).

1.1 Introduction

Li 9 battery is a powerful eBike battery rated at 48V, 672 Wh, 14Ah, with high performance and long-range. These batteries are very reliable and efficient. Li 9 Battery is 48V, 11.6Ah Lithium-Ion Battery equipped with a top of the line Battery Management System, and includes Panasonic or Sanyo Cells. This is a downtube battery pack. The pack merely weighs 7.7 lbs. The battery holder can be easily installed on most bikes and trikes, and the battery can be removed from the cradle for charging. Overcurrent Protection, Cell Balancing, Temperature Protection, Overcharge, and Over-Discharge Secondary Protection, Over-current, and Temperature Protection are some of the standard available protections in the pack. The battery system includes a holder, a charger, and a set of keys.


Figure 2: Features of Li 9 Battery.


1.2 Dimensions of the battery

Here are the dimensions of the battery and holder which can help to determine its fit to a bike or trike frame.


Figure 3: Li 9 Battery Dimensions without Holder.

Figure 4: Li 9 Battery Dimensions with Holder.

Figure 5: Li 9 Battery Holder Mounting Dimensions.

1.3 How to increase battery life?

To increase the battery life and its performance. The below points need to be considered.

  1. Battery should be charged regularly.
  2. It is advisable to turn off the battery while charging. Removing from the cradle serves the same purpose.
  3. Switch off the battery when not in use.
  4. Avoid overcharging.
  5. The battery should be charged before it discharges completely.
  6. Operate the system within the suggested temperature range.

1.3.1 Battery charging procedure

The standard procedure for charging the battery includes the following steps

  1. Ensure your charger is plugged-in to the electrical socket before you connect with the battery.
  2. Switch ON the wall Plug (where applicable), charger will be turned ON with green LED.
  3. Connect the charger to the battery.
  4. When the green LED on the charger turns into red, it means your battery is charging.
  5. When the battery gets fully charged, the red LED turns green.
  6. If the LED on the charger does not turn red it means, your battery is not charging and the charger is not connected properly to the battery or battery may already be fully charged.
  7. While charging, ensure the battery is turned off or removed from the cradle.

1.4 Troubleshooting

1.4.1 Li9 batteries only show one LED in the front. What does that mean?

There are 4 LEDs that show the status of the battery. Each LED indicates 25% of the battery charge. If there is only one LED light, then the battery has only 25% of the charge. If all the four LEDs light-ups then the battery is fully charged.


1.4.2 Battery is not charging. How do I fix it?

There are two reasons if the battery is not getting charged;

1. The issue with the charger

The charger may be defective.

The charger pin (Male connector) may not be working.

The wall plug of the charger may not be working.


2. The issue with the battery

There might be a problem with the charging pin (Female connector of the battery).

1.4.3 The motor is no longer receiving power. What does that mean?

Possibly there are three reasons if your motor is no longer receiving the power;

1. If the battery is discharged

Check the battery charge. If the battery discharges completely or the voltage of the battery goes less than 40Volt then the motor won’t receive any power. Charge the battery to avoid this kind of issue. You can also verify the voltage of the battery (Refer to Section 1.4.5 a).

2. The battery holder may be defective or damaged.

The battery holder may be damaged or defective. To check the holder, measure the voltage at the 2 pins of the holder (Refer Section 1.4.5 b).

3. If the connections are loose.

Lose connection of the 2 pin connector may be the reason for no power at the motor. Check the connections properly and ensure a tight fit.


1.4.4 My battery no longer gives me the range. What can I do?

The mileage of the eBike system depends on many factors. Some of the factors are as follows;

  1. Road conditions like a slope. If the roads are inclined, more power is required and if the slope is declined, very less or no power is required.
  2. Air pressure in the tire. If the air pressure is less, then the friction and drag will be more, which leads to maximum power consumption for the ride.
  3. Weight of the rider. The more the weight of the rider, the more power will be consumed for the ride.
  4. The lifespan of the battery. If the battery is too old, the capacity of the battery reduces.

And so on.

To maintain your battery and improve the battery performance, Section 1.3 How to increase battery life? can be referred.

1.4.5 How can I measure battery voltage?

The procedure to measure battery voltage is as follows

Voltage Measuring Procedure

Sometimes there will be a requirement to check the battery voltage. So here is the voltage measuring procedure for the Li 9 battery. There are 2 points to check the voltage if your system is not responding.

  1. The voltage at the battery ports (1st and 4th Port).
  2. The voltage at the holder Pins (2 Pin output).

A. At the Battery Points

  1. Fully charge the battery
  2. Switch on the battery and then remove it from the holder (Remove the battery from the holder only after switching in ON)
  3. Measure the voltage by using a multimeter on the 1st and 4th port of the battery. (The middle two are for communication)

Figure 6: Li 9 Battery ports

B. At the Holder Pins

  1. Place the battery in the holder
  2. Switch On the battery
  3. Measure the voltage at the two-pin female connector (Output) which comes from the battery holder.

Figure 7: Li 9 Battery Holder.

If these two readings are above 50 Volts when the battery is fully charged, then your Li 9 battery and battery holder are working fine.


1.5 FAQs

1. Is it mandatory to have a Falco battery with a Falco motor?

Ans. It is not necessary but it is recommended to have a Falco battery with a Falco motor. Usually, the Falco batteries have the battery management system, which makes it more safe, efficient, and reliable. The use of other batteries can void the warranty.

2. When to consider buying Li 9 batteries rather than Li 3 and Li 11?

Ans. The Li 9 battery capacity is 672Wh and other batteries have less capacity. If you are looking for a long-range and high mileage you should opt for the Li 9 or Li 7 battery.

3. What is the difference between Li 7 and Li 9 batteries?

Ans. Li 7 and Li 9 batteries are the same except some changes such as

The Li 7 battery has a USB port.

Li 7 and Li 9 battery dimensions and shape are different.

4. Does f7.9 48V/750W/672Wh eBike System is with two batteries?

Ans. No, f7.9 48V/750W/672Wh eBike system has only one main battery with a capacity of 48V-750W-672Wh.

5. Can we use a Li 9 battery with 500W Motor?

Ans. Yes! The Li 9 battery is compatible with all our Motors.

6. How long does the Li9 battery take to charge from 39V to full power? what is the estimated volts per hour of charge?

Ans. Charging Details for Li-9 Down Tube battery pack -48 V, 672 WH, 14 Ah are as follows

Min Charge Level: 38 V

Max Charge Level: 54 V

Current Capacity:- 14 Ah, 14 amps of Constant Current up-to 1 Hour.

Charger Capacity:- 54.6 VDC - 2 A.

Charging Time: It will take 6-8 Hours from Minimum to Charge Full Battery.

Peak Discharge Current - 40A

Wide Temperature Operation - (-20 degree to + 60 degree)

7. What is the warranty on the Li 9 battery?

Ans. The warranty period on the Falco Battery is for 2 years.

8. When the battery charge lowers below 40V the power shuts off, even on the throttle. What’s up with that?

Ans. Battery works from 54V to 40V only. It is empty at 40V. Nothing works below 40V.

9. What should be the length of the battery cable for both Li 9 battery?

Ans. The Li 9 battery cable should be of 18" and motor cable should be 6".

10. Is it possible to leave the battery hooked up to the holder while charging or it must be removed?

Ans. Yes! The battery can be hooked up while charging. But we recommend turning it off to disconnect from the motor while charging.

11. What is the normal procedure for the Li 9 battery to get the power to the motor?

Ans. For the Li 9 battery, the button located on the battery gauge needs to be pressed to wake up the battery before pressing the button located on the cradle next to the power cable to get power to the motor.

12. Where is the power switch located? Is the switch mechanical or electronic?

Ans. The power switch is mechanical and it is located on the battery holder.

13. During the off season in storage, does the battery need to be charged?

Ans. Lithium batteries should be charged once in 3 months.

14. How do you know battery status?

Ans. Battery status can be known through the console or the battery gauge on the battery or the phone app.

15. Does the down tube battery pack Li 9 have a USB port as Li 7?

Ans. No, Down Tube Battery Pack Li 9 does not have a USB port as Li 7.

16. For the Li 9 battery, The charge indicator has never changed from showing 20% charged. It does not turn on or off. Over the weekend, without being used, the battery has discharged to 00V and is not holding charge.

Ans. Li9 batteries go to sleep when not in use. Only one green LED is visible when the battery is awake. Turn on the battery with the push button on the cradle to supply power to the motor.

When the charger is plugged into the wall and switched-On it indicates green light (before connecting to the battery)

Once it is connected to the battery and if the battery starts charging it indicates Red light.

After charging full it will show a green light.

(This is for charger not battery)

If a green light appears on the charger that means the battery is fully charged. If not, you need to contact us.

17. Does the battery come with a mounting bracket?

Ans. The battery comes with the battery holder. However, we can provide the mounting bracket at an extra cost.

18. Can I mount the battery down low on the fame?

Ans. Yes! it is possible.

19. How heavy the Li 9 battery is?

Ans. The Li9 battery weighs about 8 lbs.

20. What is the highest mileage I can travel on a single charge of Li 9 Battery?

Ans. You can cover the distance ranging from 40 to 120 miles with a Li 9 battery on a single charge. But the range depends on many factors.

If you have any questions about the Li 9 battery? Please post it in the comments section. We will try to answer all of your questions. You can visit our learning page for more information.

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