Jim Says, “Falco is the Best Direct Drive System Available.” – Falco eMotors Inc.

Jim Says, “Falco is the Best Direct Drive System Available.”

Jim Says, “Falco is the Best Direct Drive System Available.”

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Brief About Me:

I am a 73-year-old guy that likes to keep as active as possible. I am an x-polio patient and have limited strength in my legs.


Hand-Powered Trikes:

Several years ago, I discovered the existence of a hand-powered recumbent trike. I figured this could be a major step in helping me stay fit, so I purchased one. I immediately realized the downside of any hand-powered conveyance, it is how much force you can apply to the “pedals” with just your chest muscles (no, not arms). Keep in mind that with other “bikes” you stand on the pedals lending your total body weight to the effort. Keeping up with able-bodied bikers could be next to impossible, especially with hills (I reside in western Pennsylvania).


Motor Assist:

The next logical step was motor assist… Before all was said and done, I purchased three different motor systems before finding FALCO. This is the best direct-wheel drive system available. I often ride with my wife and our dog Harper. Considering the total weight, trike, me, the motor, battery, Harper’s cart, and Harper, I would not even be able to even get rolling without the Falco. This system allows me to use the thumb throttle to get started and then smoothly transition to a comfortable pedal effort. This system has five levels of assist, but I rarely exceed level 3 unless I encounter a hill. I use the Falco sparingly, to get all the exercise I can out of each ride. I can ride 25 to 40 miles between charges at this level affording all the freedom I need.


The White Glove Service:

Additionally, how many times have you ever called a company with a question or complaint and found you are speaking to the President and CEO of that company? It is common for Rakesh Dhawan to answer the phone and address your issue personally.

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