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Falco eMotors’ eBike Systems

Falco eMotors’ eBike Systems

Falco eMotors’ eBike Systems

Electric bikes are booming and are very popular. Contributing to this world to Go Green and Carbon Free is the main mission of many companies. Falco eMotors is one among them.


Image 1: Falco eBike system

The Bicycles and Trikes (Tricycles) are really great to perform your exercise along with completing your daily needs of traveling either for work or to enjoy the outdoors. But riding the Bicycles and Trikes for a long distance and doing your daily work is hard.

What if you want to manage your time and do exercise, as well as you want to go to work?

Is it possible to do an effective workout and go to work at the same time?

Is it possible to ride for long distances without getting tired?


“Yes! It is possible if you equip your bikes and trikes with Falco’s eBike systems.”


FalcoeMotors eBike system is an advanced electric pedal assist system for bikes and trikes, which consist of Hx-Motor (Hub Motor), Battery, Wireless Module, Console, Wired Plus/minus, and Throttle.

Why do you need the Falco eMotors eBike system?

The Falco eMotors eBike system has an electric hub motor with 5-phase brushless permanent magnet technology which is best known for its performance, efficiency, reliability and comes with the highest warranty period.

The eBike system helps you to ride long distances and climb hills without any effort. If you love to ride a bike or trike but are worried about going long distances, then you can choose to equip your bike or trike with an eBike system. If you feel tired to ride a bike or trike on the way, just switch on the system, use the throttle and ride freely. Older people especially use the eBike system as they are not able to pedal the bike or trike but still they love to ride.


Image 2: FalcoeMotors eBike system

The FalcoeMotors eBike system is a smart pedal-assist system that has the integrated torque and speed sensor. Based on the torque applied on the pedal by the user, the eBike system pushes the required amount of current and accelerates accordingly. This makes it more efficient and worthy. The Falco eBike system is the first eBike system in the world that has Assist and Regenerative mode as well as wireless functionality and throttle (power on demand). In assist mode, the rider gets assistance to pedal and in regenerative mode, the rider can recharge the battery along the ride.


Image 3: Electric Wheel (Wheel equipped with Hx-Motor)

Image 4: Hx-Motor

The electric motor (Hx Motor) can be fitted in the wheel of a bike or trike. The motors are available in different configurations such as 250W, 350W, 500W, 750W, and 750+W. The Falco eBike system is more than enough to get assistance for any long ride and hilly ride.

Image 5: Mobile application to control the eBike system

The Falco eBike system also provides the Mobile application for Android, iPhones, Windows and Mac PC. This allows the user to control the motor very easily. The users can monitor, control and change the parameters accordingly.

Image 6: Wired Plus/Minus (To control and change the levels)

No worries if you don’t want to use mobile, you can use this Wired Plus/Minus (WPM) to change the power level and also you can apply brakes by holding “-” minus Button.

Image 7: Thumb Throttle

Use the throttle if you are tired or if you don’t want to sweat. This gives you feel as you are riding a motorcycle. Just Sit and Ride without Effort!

Image 8: Console

The console helps you to monitor and change the settings and parameters such as speed, power level, battery level, and others. If you don’t want to pair your phones with the eBike system still you can change the settings and parameters by the console.

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