Falco Dealer Highlights: Pedal Guerrero

Pedal Guerrero is providing the top brands of recumbent trikes, high-end handcycles, and racing wheelchairs. They are the only repair shop in San Antonio that specializes in fixing recumbent trikes. They keep a large collection of quality trikes and bring cyclists the very best recumbent trikes from all over the world. As fellow recumbent riders, they understand the importance of a custom-fit trike, expert repair service, and tune-ups. Visit them at their location and check out our large selection of quality trikes!

Pedal Guerrero equip their trikes with the Falco eMotors e-Bike system to provide the best e-trike and pedal-assisted trikes to the customers. The Falco eMotors e-Bike system is an energy-efficient, reliable, advanced pedal-assist system and comes with the highest warranty period. Falco e-Bike system is best suitable for all who love to be fit and contribute a green solution to the environment. Falco eMotors and Pedal Guerrero both are working together to their best to give the best trikes and pedal-assisted trikes to the customers.

Their mission is “To help cyclists, both the experts and those new to the game, feel great about the trike they own. We'd love to have you stop by and check out our shop where we can provide for all of your trike needs!”.

The owner was an avid fitness person. An Army Officer that was in shape. He raced sprint triathlons. Time and military service took a toll on his body. Injury after injury he was forced to give up running and cycling. His physical conditioning quickly started to decline along with his mental state of mind. Then an organization called “Operation Comfort” and “Wounded Warrior Project” (WWP) introduced him to a new form of cycling. He participated regularly with them and became hooked on riding his Catrike 700. His physical conditioning started to return and his mental health improved. After a couple of years of trying to find parts and services locally, he decided to open Pedal Guerrero. Now all of San Antonio has access to these amazing machines and quality service and parts. Pedal Guerrero is the only dedicated recumbent bike shop in San Antonio Texas.

Contact No: 210 314 1955

Address: 3700 Fredericksburg Rd #101

San Antonio, TX 78201

Email Id: joseph@pedalguerrero.com

Website: https://www.pedalguerrero.com/

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