Falco Dealer Highlights: Las Vegas Cyclery – Falco eMotors Inc.

Falco Dealer Highlights: Las Vegas Cyclery

Falco Dealer Highlights: Las Vegas Cyclery

With two bikes and a cell phone, newlyweds Jared and Heather Fisher started a bicycle business out of their first apartment in Green Valley in 1992. The two bikes were rented until they could purchase more bikes, then a van, then more vans, followed by a bike shop in Summerlin and one in Moab. The tour business was also growing steadily as Jared and Heather worked hard, eating, sleeping, and breathing everything bikes. Eventually, it became too much for the two college students so they reorganized the business and created a three-pronged team of friends, cyclists, mechanics, and guides, all with the same passion for…you guessed it…bikes! Today for Las Vegas Cyclery, Moab Cyclery, and Escape Adventures, this passion lives on, thanks to all the friendships and experiences gained from the world's greatest sport.

Las Vegas Cyclery, located in Las Vegas, Nevada is the first L.E.E.D. Platinum Net Zero bike shop in the world. This facility is one of a kind in Las Vegas and for that matter, the world. The building is not your typical construction. It is made with recycled materials and locally produced materials (within 500 miles max). It is completely powered by the sun and wind (with a 50KW solar PV system and 5KW wind generator). The building was designed to provide 100% of its energy needs throughout the calendar year. This is referred to as a “Net Zero Energy Building” (NETZEB). Essentially, Las Vegas Cyclery is its own power plant. What better way is there to demonstrate clean energy building and power generation than through CYCLING? We think cycling’s the most exciting source of sustainable, clean energy, transportation and recreation ever invented!

Since 1997, Las Vegas Cyclery has been serving customers. They have a full Bicycle Service & Repairs Center. Whether you need your derailleurs adjusted, a broken spoke replaced or a complete overhaul that makes your bicycle run and looks even better than new, we're bike repair experts with the experience, knowledge, and factory training to do the job right the first time, every time.

They sell road bikes, mountain bikes, gravel bikes, cyclocross bikes, kids bikes - including BMX and even Catrikes. Las Vegas Cyclery also offers Specialized and Santa Cruz bicycles. You can find any accessory, clothing or soft good your heart desires in our 10,000+ square foot store.

The Las Vegas Cyclery is the dealer of Falco eMotors e-Bike system. Falco e-bike systems are more energy-efficient, powerful, and reliable, contributing and promoting green energy and fitness. The e-Bike system is the smart pedal-assist system, which can be equipped in wheels of bikes and trikes. Falco eMotors system provides the highest warranty period on their product. Both Las Vegas Cyclery and Falco eMotors are forming a perfect pair to contribute to bikes and trikes world.

Las Vegas Cyclery

10575 Discovery Dr.

Las Vegas, NV, 89135

(702) 596-2953



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