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Electric Tandem Bike

Electric Tandem Bike

Electric Tandem Bike

The Tandem Bicycles are also known as twin form bicycles, bicycles built for two (occasionally a tricycle) and are designed to be ridden by more than one person. The word tandem means sitting back and front (Seating back and forth). These are designed to enjoy cycling together and it allows riding a cycle with one who doesn’t know how to ride a cycle independently. Tandems are the best mode of transport to enjoy the ride with someone you want to. These are the easy, fast and healthy ways to have a ride together. Tandems allow communicating easily with your partner and have fun together.

Tandem is a double bike, ideal for couples who like to ride together, but have varying degrees of strength or endurance. The tandem bikes can be ridden by more than a person, the front rider steers as well as pedals the bicycle and is known as the captain, pilot, or steersman; the rear rider only pedals and is known as the stoker, navigator or rear admiral. The person who sits in the front controls the direction of movement, responsible for the brakes and gear shift pattern.


Image 1: Comotion Carrera Model of Tandem Bike


Tandems are available in both forms such as standard road bikes, and even recumbent bikes. There are so many benefits to using tandems. These bikes have double pedal power with the same wind resistance as conventional bikes. High-performance tandems may weigh lesser than conventional bikes and the power to weight ratio is slightly better than the conventional bikes. The weight of the bicycle and wind resistance per person can be decreased.

Tandems are really great for the partners with the unequal ability of riding. If a partner is having a balancing issue or fear of riding a bike alone, tandem helps to take a ride with a partner and can enjoy the ride. Balancing, braking, gear shifting, and controlling can be done by a single person. Sometimes it’s risky to take a ride on the bike for a person who is not perfect, so tandem bikes prevent this risk by allowing another person to take control of the bike. Tandem has a greater aerodynamic advantage and consists of two pedals powered by two persons, hence the tandems are faster and far better than conventional bikes. These are lighter in weight and weigh less than two bikes. Less spare parts and less expensive than owning two bikes.


electric tandem bicycle ride

Image 2: Couple riding a tandem bike equipped with Falco eBike system, enjoying the ride and having fun together.


The Tandem Bicycles can be equipped with FalcoeMotors’ eBike systems to ease the ride and for pedal assistance while riding. To have an effortless ride with your partner, FalcoeMotors’ eBike systems are a perfect choice. Falco’s eBike system consists of torque and speed sensors which helps you to accelerate the bike accordingly. It gives pedal assistance to ride long distances effortlessly. It has Assist mode and Regenerative mode; Assist mode provides assistance, if you are tired or if you want to ride without much effort and Regenerative mode helps to perform workout meanwhile charging the battery. The people who are not able to ride but love to ride bikes and trikes can install the Falco’s eBike system and enjoy their ride.


Customers with electric tandem bicycle

Image 3: Customers riding Electric Tandem Bike


The Falco eBike system consists of Battery, Hx Motor (Hub Motor), Wireless module, Wired Plus/Minus, Console, and Throttle. This system can be connected to your mobile phones while riding. The Falco eBike system can be controlled by your smartphones or computer systems. The Hx Motor is the world’s first five-phase motor, well known for its performance and efficiency. The system has different settings which allow the user to change the assistance level and power level. Different power levels help you to change the level of assistance. Overall this system can help you to have a tremendous ride and have beautiful moments with your loved ones.


Electric Tandem Bicycle

Image 4: Tandem Bike equipped with Falco f7.9 eBike system


Jack McWatters with the President and CEO of FalcoeMotors Mr. Rakesh Dhawan on Tandem bike

Image 5: Dr. Jack McWatters with the President and CEO of FalcoeMotors Mr. Rakesh Dhawan


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