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Comparative Analysis of Falco and Bosch Electric Assist Systems in Cycling

Comparative Analysis of Falco and Bosch Electric Assist Systems in Cycling


This document presents a comprehensive comparative analysis of two prominent electric assist systems for bicycles: the Falco Direct Drive and the Bosch Mid-Drive. The objective is to elucidate the technical distinctions and evaluate the performance parameters of each system.



Electric assist systems for bicycles have revolutionized urban mobility and recreational cycling. Among these systems, Falco and Bosch represent two leading technologies. Falco is renowned for its Direct Drive system, while Bosch is known for its Mid-Drive approach. This paper aims to compare these systems across various technical aspects.



The comparison is based on multiple criteria, including gear functionality, power output, battery capacity, range, noise level, and additional features like regenerative braking. Data is collected from technical specifications provided by the manufacturers and verified through empirical testing.




  1. Gear System Functionality:

   - Falco: Maintains multi-speed front gears.

   - Bosch: Loses multi-speed front gear functionality.


  1. Throttle Function and Reverse Capability:

   - Falco: Retains throttle function and can go in reverse.

   - Bosch: Lacks both throttle function and reverse capability.


  1. Power and Battery Specifications:

   - Maximum Power Output:

     - Falco: 750W

     - Bosch: 250/350W

   - Maximum Battery Voltage:

     - Falco: 48V

     - Bosch: 36V

   - Maximum Battery Capacity:

     - Falco: 672Wh

     - Bosch: 400Wh


  1. Operational Range and Warranty:

   - Maximum Range:

     - Falco: 150 miles

     - Bosch: 62 miles

   - Warranty Period:

     - Falco: 5 years

     - Bosch: 2 years


  1. Mechanical Reliability:

   - Falco: Exhibits no chain failures or gear shifting issues.

   - Bosch: Reports of chain failures and gear-shifting issues exist.


  1. Acoustic Signature:

   - Falco: Zero operational noise.

   - Bosch: Audible operational noise present.


  1. Drive System Components:

   - Falco: Does not incorporate plastic gears in the drive system.

   - Bosch: Utilizes plastic gears in the drive system.


  1. Stability and Regenerative Features:

   - Center of Gravity for Stability:

     - Falco: Low

     - Bosch: High

   - Regeneration and Controlled Descending Capability:

     - Falco: Capable of both regeneration and controlled descending.

     - Bosch: Lacks these features.


  1. Economic Aspects:

   - Retail Cost for 36V System:

     - Falco: $1895

     - Bosch: $2850

   - Replacement Battery Cost:

     - Falco: Low

     - Bosch: High



The comparative analysis reveals that the Falco Direct Drive system offers superior features in terms of power output, battery capacity, operational range, noise reduction, and mechanical reliability compared to the Bosch Mid-Drive system. Additionally, Falco's technology provides enhanced features such as regenerative braking and controlled descending, positioning it as a technologically advanced option in the electric assist bicycle market.


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